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In addition to her public speaking and poetry, Debs is also an Animal Healer and Communicator, a fascinating field that’s been part of her life for many years.

Debs explains it like this: “There’s a subtle communication which happens between an animal and a human. In the cases where an animal has emotional issues which haven’t been identified, it can manifest as a physical or behavioural problem further down the line. The animal has often tried multiple times to communicate with its carer, however it stops trying when it feels its attempts have not got through. My job is to start the communication again, and in doing so open the animal back up and let it know it is being heard, and of course also in its eyes feel valued. We then have an environment to help the animal work through any issues move forward. I also teach the owner how to do this, so they can continue communicating with their animal after I have stepped out of the equation. It is very simple to do, and extremely rewarding to watch the relationship of the animal and human owner go up another level. That is where the healing is. It is extraordinary and really quite beautiful. This is effective with horses, dogs and cats. In fact, all animals respond to this technique. ”

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Animal Healer
and Communicator

Debs shares regular videos of her work with animals on her YouTube channel. You can view all of these over on Debs Carling Animal Healer and Communicator.

Here For You

Contact Debs if your beloved pet is in need of some Healing due to emotional/ behavioural or physical issues, or if you would simply just love to learn more about Animal Communication to give you a deeper connection and relationship with your wonderful pet.

Debs Carling Animal Healer
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