Unique Meditation Experience


A serene one-on-one meditation experience, in the beautiful rural location of Dooralong Valley, NSW, enhanced by a range of dynamic solfeggio tones designed to create a perfect state of peaceful bliss.

This is a very easy and pleasant experience. All you have to do is simply lie down, close your eyes, and be open to the specific sounds and vibrations of a unique computer programme working its magic in the background.

Everything lines up so that your mind and physical body are placed into a state of ultimate stillness, where the experience of blissful peace exists.

“Blissful is a state of mind”
- Buddha

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Beginners Meditation

An enticing & wonderfully relaxing experience specifically developed for those new to meditation who are curious to feel what it's all about.

If you are interested in cultivating a more peaceful mind, this one's for you.

1 hour experience $120

Intermediate / Advanced Meditation

A highly rated more intensive session, designed for those wanting to weightlessly explore the infinite space of the Universe.

The captivating allure to this one is the more you surrender to it, the more dynamic it becomes as the experience unfolds.

1 hour experience $120

Restoring Meditation

A peaceful & gentle healing meditation designed for those suffering from emotional fatigue & stress.

If you are in need of rejuvenation, this one is a tonic for the soul.


1 hour experience $120


Ultimate Meditation

A fascinating guided deep meditation which enters the client into a Past Life Regression, as well as presenting them with the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from their Higher Self.

If you are blessed with a curious & open mind this is a journey definitely worth embarking upon.

4 hour experience $450

How did that just happen

How did that just happen?

I became the breeze,

air itself,

floating weightlessly,

matter becoming waves,

waves of formless energy,

the wind rustling the leaves of a tree,

a part of space moving

unencumbered and free,

a state of no-thing-ness,

with no one here to observe me

I am quantum waves of light,

consciousness without a body,

a camouflaged vibration in the night.

How did this happen:

I surrendered for a minute

to a feeling of knowing that set me free,

I merged with the Universe

and it merged with me.


Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Enquiries & Bookings

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