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I am a curious person! For years my life used to be focused on experiencing the spacious sky in a sublime weightless fashion as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. But then, one day, almost overnight, I became inexplicably drawn to stillness, and I started to appreciate the endless sky from an entirely different view point, in quiet observation looking up from terra firma. The more time I spent like this, the more clarity seemed to come to the fore. I was so fascinated by this, that I gave up noisy aviation entirely so that I could explore it further.

It was the best decision that I have ever made! I felt the wonder of entering a peaceful space, where my heart seemed to sing. I became a voracious reader and collator of interesting facts from the knowledge of others; experts in topics, until then, I had never known existed. I became a student of the World’s Masters, past and present: philosophers, spiritual gurus, physicists, etc.

My purpose has changed since discovering this rich learning. In my quest to find ‘what is found in the stillness of a quiet mind’, I have gathered a lot of information which seems to be of interest to my friends and people that I meet. So, nowadays, when the Universe brings us together, I invite others to walk with me for a few steps, metaphorically, and I humbly share this knowledge with them. I attempt do this in a simple and appealing way via my: books, talks, and during my 1:1 Meditation sessions.

On that note, I wholeheartedly welcome you to my website! I cherish that our paths have intersected, and I hope a morsel or two of something interesting finds its way to you from the links and pages ahead…


Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author
Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Calm your mind and close your eyes,
leave the space that form occupies,
feel your ability to effortlessly fly
and freely, joyfully fill the sky.

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Debs carling has taken her uplifting and positive message on the road, and is now available for motivational speaking. Her delivery is both powerful, yet easily relatable.


The wisdom of frank the goat man

THE WISDOM OF FRANK THE GOAT MAN is a parable about kindness, compassion, and the Universe, written for both teenagers and adults.

This wonderful tale follows the journey of a little girl called Emily, as seen through the eyes of her Shetland pony ‘Poppy’ who narrates the story. We are shown Emily’s fascinating encounters with a curiously alluring elderly Chinese neighbour, known simply as ‘Frank the goat man’. Frank, a Master Philosopher, thoroughly captivates Emily with his interesting and diverse conversations as they chat over their shared fence line when she rides past on Poppy each day.

When Emily reaches adulthood, she feels ‘off course and lost’. Here, the story takes an interesting twist, where after many years of absence Frank and Poppy reappear to help Emily find her way.

“The wisdom of Frank the Goat man was a pure delight to read; so easy and quirky. Gosh it resonated with me! I felt like there was a little bit of me in Emily, in ALL stages of her life. It was purely magical reading it, especially the second time!  I recommend ALL should go pick up the book and get wisdom from Frank”

Merri Bolte

"A beautifully written story for all ages with a message of love, peace & awareness. The bond between human & animal is so much more than physical & will last a lifetime... & beyond."

Melissa Warren

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The wisdom of Frank the goat man’. It has made me think about things that are not physically there and tuned me in to the act of listening. 

I especially loved that the pony ‘Poppy’ was the narrator, looking at it from her point of view. Reading this book affirms to me what spiritual beings horses are. I now just want to run into the paddock and practice this gift with my own horses!”

Colleen Heard

“ What a delightful surprise this story is. Told in verse, it can be read on two levels - as a child’s story or one of deep meaning for adults. A most enjoyable read. Thank you, Debs “

Jeannie Pollard


Bliss by author and poet Debs Carling is an aid for spiritual awakening.

This collection of poems simplifies the essence of oneness and explores the power found in the stillness of a quiet mind.

It is written for anyone interested in the ease of connecting to his or her powerful higher self.

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Bliss has added a new dimension to my life... I have a greater awareness of life and things that happen. I will read it again and again. Thank you for such a great book.

Judy Archer

Bliss Two is so beautiful. It takes you to the world of imagination and the stars above. Loved it!

Tanja Fitisemann

Super poems for the non-poetic. Easy to grasp and can create beautiful unexpected moments of reflection.

Rosena Johnston

BLISS is authentic poetry that simply speaks to all. Highly highly recommended for positive escapism.

Dr Laetitia Pienaar

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Bliss Two

Bliss Two explores through the flow of poems the subtle hidden layers of the universe waiting to be discovered in the stillness of a quiet mind.

You will also delve into nature as poet Debs Carling shares what can be learned from a fluffy white cloud, a sloth, and even a buzzing bee. Find simple truths in short poems like “Silence” in which Carling commands, “To master the space you are in, silence the place deep within.”

This is more than a poetry book; it is a wonderfully insightful journey into the essence of oneness and mastery of inner peace.

Bliss Two is a wonderful book. I couldn't put it down! I have both Debs Carling's books now and can't wait for her to release a third one. It's been a subtle shift for me into another state of awareness. The clever thing is that it's so subtle but you feel a definite shift in your awareness! A must read. I highly recommend this fascinating book of poetry. One of a kind. Lisa Blythe

Lisa Blythe

This is a beautifully written book. A poem a day will help you look at life through more positive eyes. I share the poems with my patients each day to inspire them to see how wonderful life really is. It teaches us not to be consumed with negative thoughts and to see life through Debs eyes which is really inspirational! There are natural miracles happening all around us and Debs shows us how to tune into them and appreciate them - you will never look at a common flower in the same way again! I highly recommend this book, and I intend to give a copy to each of my friends to share a piece of sunny side of life .

Sally Melrose

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