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Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author


Debs Carling lives in a cottage on a quiet 50-acre farm in rural Dooralong Valley, NSW, Australia.

In 2019, after many years as a full time Commercial Helicopter Pilot, she retired from flying to pursue a more peaceful path as a writer. Her office at the farm sits next to a large dam full of water lilies, which is frequented by horses as they come in from their paddocks for a drink throughout the day. As she writes, she looks out over a vista of green rolling hills, scattered with mobs of wild kangaroos, herds of wild deer, with a wonderful array of wild birds flying freely in from the surrounding ‘Olney State Forest’. This glorious location is where she is most creatively inspired. She has four published books: ‘BLISS, ‘BLISS TWO,’ The wisdom of Frank the goat man’, and 'The wisdom of Frank the goat man 2'.

Debs also has other interests. She is a qualified Trust Technique Practitioner. There are twelve horses at the farm, most of them are rescues. Due to their need for emotional healing, she spends many hours helping and supporting them overcome and work through past issues caused by previous misunderstandings, miscommunications, and fearful encounters with humans. The Trust Technique® involves simply standing peacefully with the individual horses, with no expectations or demands upon them. She holds this peaceful space for them whilst in a low thinking state, which, in turn, lowers their thinking as they automatically emulate it. They have the astonishing ability to self-heal and self-correct behavioural issues when they are in this new stress-free zone.

Of all the many horses she’s encountered, it was an old rescue horse called ‘Duke’, who turned out to be Debs’ greatest teacher. He taught her how horses think, act, react, and communicate. In fact, this became the stimulus and inspiration for her series of books entitled: The wisdom of Frank the goat man’.

How to best describe Debs? When you meet her, you instantly feel her warmth and friendliness. One of her clients sums her up perfectly: ‘The lingering characteristic that you are left with when you meet Debs is her interest in you, her love of life, her energy and absolute passion for what she is engaged in. She is innately happy, and a very curiously peaceful person, with an infectious sunny disposition!’

Debs’ poem ‘joy’ sums up her approach to life:


'Scatter your joy around,
it will land where it needs to be found.'

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author
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