Meet Debs

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Meet Debs Carling

Debs Carling lives in a cottage on a quiet 50 acre farm in rural Dooralong Valley, NSW, Australia.

After many years as a commercial helicopter pilot she has given it all up to embrace a more peaceful life. She is now occupied with clients in her meditation studio as her main interest and her real passion. The quiet location of the studio is referred to as a ‘healing room’ because so many people feel a shift and change occur (mental, physical and emotional) when they reach a state of stillness and peace. The location of the studio enhances this with its green rolling hills, wild kangaroos, deer and wonderful array of wild birds.

She fills many notebooks with poems and philosophical thoughts as she sits on her hammock overlooking this beauty. It is where she loves to write her books and form talk notes for her public speaking engagements.

The lingering characteristic about Debs when you meet her is her love of life, her energy and absolute passion for what she is engaged in. That is her in a nut shell: a happy, high energy and yet curiously peaceful person, with an infectious sunny disposition!

Her poem ‘joy’ sums up her approach to life:


Scatter your joy around,
it will land where it needs to be found.

  • Peaceful Farm Life

  • Meditation Paradise

  • 2 Bliss Books

  • 2 Beautiful Dogs

Debs says:

“So much comes to me when I sit pondering matters of the Universe in this quiet farm setting. When I was a pilot I saw the world as a weightless eagle in a way, and I see everything from an elevated birds eye view. Angles which the average person doesn’t see at ground level. When a bird flies past, I can visualise what it sees at the various speeds and angles, it really opened up my creative mind and I realised that’s where flow, peace, happiness and joy reside. I went from very left logical reasoning brain to the most spectacular freedom of the infinitely imaginative and gloriously freeing creative right brain. Everything in nature and the Universe is staggering to me now. Everything makes sense to me now that I have found this porthole. It’s where I place my clients when they come and see me, I put them into their right brain and tell them to leave their worries behind them, to let go and explore the infinite Universe without all of that heavy baggage! The truth is that once you know how, once you can change your vibration just a little bit the Universe will align with you, like two cogs linking up, and there really is no other experience that beats that! You are forever hooked, and that’s what meditation is.

The 13th Century Persian poet ‘Rumi’ said that we are all seeking something. Since then many centuries of philosophers and poets have all said in their own unique languages and ways that we are immense vibratory beings that have the ability to find what we are searching for. In fact, the truth is that the second we embrace that, the simple beauty is we don’t have to search too far because what we are looking for, well, it finds us!”

"What you seek
seeks you too,
quiet your mind
and it will find you.’

- Debs Carling

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author
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