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The wisdom of frank the goat man

THE WISDOM OF FRANK THE GOAT MAN is a parable about kindness, compassion, and the Universe, written for both teenagers and adults.

This wonderful tale follows the journey of a little girl called Emily, as seen through the eyes of her Shetland pony ‘Poppy’ who narrates the story. We are shown Emily’s fascinating encounters with a curiously alluring elderly Chinese neighbour, known simply as ‘Frank the goat man’. Frank, a Master Philosopher, thoroughly captivates Emily with his interesting and diverse conversations as they chat over their shared fence line when she rides past on Poppy each day.

When Emily reaches adulthood, she feels ‘off course and lost’. Here, the story takes an interesting twist, where after many years of absence Frank and Poppy reappear to help Emily find her way.

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author


Bliss by author and poet Debs Carling is an aid for spiritual awakening. This collection of poems simplifies the essence of oneness and explores the power found in the stillness of a quiet mind. It is written for anyone interested in the ease of connecting to his or her powerful higher self.




What is our purpose,

why are we here,

to experience love

and to learn from our fear.


To shut off the noise,

hearts open wide,

to live life fully

with inner love recognised.


To utilise intuition,

align with life’s flow,

a shift from a question

to a place where we know.




See every occasion

as potential unfolding,

a miraculous happening

released from safe holding.

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Bliss Two

Bliss Two explores through the flow of poems the subtle hidden layers of the universe waiting to be discovered in the stillness of a quiet mind.

You will also delve into nature as poet Debs Carling shares what can be learned from a fluffy white cloud, a sloth, and even a buzzing bee. Find simple truths in short poems like “Silence” in which Carling commands, “To master the space you are in, silence the place deep within.”

This is more than a poetry book; it is a wonderfully insightful journey into the essence of oneness and mastery of inner peace.



A strong wind blows,

heaven knows where all the stillness goes,

it retreats into the minds of a select few,

who offer it safe harbour until the storm passes through,

then gently released it does weightlessly sit

waiting with grace for those searching for it.



Be kind,

walk in the other man’s shoes,

accept he has differing views,

even though you could crush him,

annihilate and win,

for this confrontation choose


and just quietly and graciously lose.


About Duke

Duke was an old thoroughbred horse rescued by Debs in 2019. He was an exceptionally intelligent and highly masterful communicator, and the inspiration behind the creation of Debs book: ‘The wisdom of Frank the goat man’.

This personal heart-warming short story is the true account of his rescue and rehabilitation, and the exceptional bond that was formed by Duke and Debs. It was originally written for close family and friends who knew Duke but has proven to be so popular that it is now available for all to share, free of charge.

If you enjoyed reading 'The wisdom of Frank the goat man’ then this piece will resonate. However, it can also be experienced as a stand-alone story that will fill your heart with love, and joy, and wonder.

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