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Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author


Debs Carling has taken her uplifting and positive message on the road and is now available for speaking engagements.

Her delivery is both powerful, yet easily relatable. 

She explores a fascinating array of subject matter, drawing humour from her experiences as a Trust Technique Practitioner and the many charismatic and adorable animals she meets along the way. She talks about animal consciousness, interspecies communication, animals in the afterlife, what is found in the stillness of a quiet mind, how quantum physics explains how humans are able to telepathically connect with a beloved pet, and how a human’s lowered thinking is healing to animals, and more…

If you love animals and would like an engaging, fun, and dynamic speaker, then Debs is the right choice for you. She never fails to captivate.

You want to be uplifted to another level of enjoyment? Then Debs is the speaker for you! 
From hairy stories of life as a commercial helicopter pilot, to her philosophy on finding stillness and a quiet mind. Debs gives her all with a wonderful, smiling delivery. She’ll have you rolling in the aisles with laughter one minute, then gasping in silence the next. She’s fantastic!

Jeannie Pollard

Thank you Debs for doing such a magnificent presentation recently. We were all absolutely captivated throughout!

Lynn Moffitt

As a person who books speakers, I notice many varying styles of delivery. Debs was our most popular speaker for the year. Debs Carling is exceptional, in that she has you laughing from the first minute and intrigued at the stories she is about to tell. From beginning to end, she has the audience in the palm of her hand, alternately gasping at the scary moments and in stitches at the funny stories. Debs is a dynamo. She has excelled at many demanding sports, worked in fields stretching from dentistry to aviation, and recently in art, poetry and public speaking. Very highly rated! An experience not to be missed!

Chris Peters


See Debs in action!

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