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Thank you Debs for doing such a magnificent presentation recently. We were all absolutely captivated throughout!

Bliss Two is so beautiful. It takes you to the world of imagination and the stars above. Loved it!

Tanja Fitisemann

A really fabulous, thought provoking read. This book has helped me remember what is important in life and to not stress about the little things. We can all learn from the wisdom of these poems.

Super poems for the non-poetic. Easy to grasp and can create beautiful unexpected moments of reflection.

As a person who books speakers, I notice many varying styles of delivery. Debs was our most popular speaker for the year. Debs Carling is exceptional, in that she has you laughing from the first minute and intrigued at the stories she is about to tell. From beginning to end, she has the audience in the palm of her hand, alternately gasping at the scary moments and in stitches at the funny stories. Debs is a dynamo. She has excelled at many demanding sports, worked in fields stretching from dentistry to aviation, and recently in art, poetry and public speaking. Very highly rated! An experience not to be missed!

BLISS is authentic poetry that simply speaks to all. Highly highly recommended for positive escapism.

Bliss Two is a wonderful book. I couldn't put it down! I have both Debs Carling's books now and can't wait for her to release a third one. It's been a subtle shift for me into another state of awareness. The clever thing is that it's so subtle but you feel a definite shift in your awareness! A must read. I highly recommend this fascinating book of poetry. One of a kind.

A wonderful and enlightening book, Debs has done a great job. I try to read a poem each day with my morning coffee to start the day with a little zen!

I recently had the good fortune of attending one of Debs talks, and found it extremely enjoyable. Her expert delivery is worth an Oscar! Tighten your seatbelts and enjoy!

Bliss has added a new dimension to my life... I have a greater awareness of life and things that happen. I will read it again and again. Thank you for such a great book.

You want to be uplifted to another level of enjoyment? Then Debs is the speaker for you! From hairy stories of life as a commercial helicopter pilot, to her philosophy on finding stillness and a quiet mind. Debs gives her all with a wonderful, smiling delivery. She’ll have you rolling in the aisles with laughter one minute, then gasping in silence the next. She’s fantastic!

“The wisdom of Frank the Goat man was a pure delight to read; so easy and quirky. Gosh it resonated with me! I felt like there was a little bit of me in Emily, in ALL stages of her life. It was purely magical reading it, especially the second time! I recommend ALL should go pick up the book and get wisdom from Frank”

"The wisdom of Frank the goat man is a beautifully written story for all ages with a message of love, peace & awareness. The bond between human & animal is so much more than physical & will last a lifetime... & beyond."

“ The wisdom of Frank the goat man! What a delightful surprise this story is. Told in verse, it can be read on two levels - as a child’s story or one of deep meaning for adults. A most enjoyable read. Thank you, Debs “

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The wisdom of Frank the goat man’. It has made me think about things that are not physically there and tuned me in to the act of listening. I especially loved that the pony ‘Poppy’ was the narrator, looking at it from her point of view. Reading this book affirms to me what spiritual beings horses are. I now just want to run into the paddock and practice this gift with my own horses!”

“ Debs Carling writes with a beautiful simplicity which contrasts and highlights the wonderful complexity of the wisdom so elegantly conveyed in these pages. Reading ‘The wisdom of Frank the Goat Man’ was for me like being gently reminded of some long-forgotten knowledge, a dream from my childhood, stored deep in my heart awaiting just such a moment of remembrance to burst free. Animal lovers and searchers for wisdom alike, of all ages from the very young to the very young at heart are sure to delight in this story, and no doubt each find their own gems of wisdom therein. Lisa Blythe's delightful illustrations are at once warm and poignant, the perfect accompaniment to Debs' word craft. Highly recommend - I'll be reading over and over.“

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