The Trust Technique®

I live on a farm with 12 rescue horses and over the years have developed a deep understanding of the mindset of sensitive equines. The Trust Technique® has been instrumental in the healing for all the horses here; emotional, physical, and behavioural. They seem to literally fall into a spell. Not only that though, the level of two-way communication and understanding of what I’m asking of the horses, and indeed, what they are asking of me, has gone up tenfold.

I was so affected and warmed by the results, that I trained to become a Trust Technique Practitioner myself to share this amazing method with other horse orientated people. The tremendous aspect of this technique is its simplicity; such life changing results for horse and human, and yet so easy for both to master.

What is The Trust Technique?

Every horse owner I know wants a deeper connection with their beloved horse. It turns out that every being is seeking connection. Would you believe me if I told you that your horse wants the very same; a deeper connection with you? A life attraction has bought you together, it is no coincidence. It’s the most beautiful relationship, one could even say ‘friendship’. You are together to help each other in some way.

The Trust Technique® is a method of reducing the thinking levels of both human and horse, which promotes trust, connection, confidence, and enhanced communication between them both. It uses mindfulness and focused presence techniques as a basis for resolving problems and tapping into a higher level of communication. The technique is simple to learn and incredibly impactful.

The results are simply astonishing. I have applied it to all the rescue horses at the farm that I live at, as well as many horses as a Trust Technique Practitioner. I have seen the most amazing emotional, physical, and mental healing to these horses, as well as behavioural changes and a softening of their eyes, as any stored tension melts away. The technique has a unique way of showing the horse that it is truly regarded, felt, seen, heard, and valued. This triggers a release and a rise of inner peace, where deep healing occurs.

The real magic is that this is a two-way healing. By learning to be in a low thinking state, which the horse emulates, the owners often have deep healing themselves. It’s a shared moment, where horse and human have helped each other. Nothing increases a bond more than that. A friend helping a friend. A deeply spiritual experience.

Have a look at the videos below of James French, founder of The Trust Technique® in action. It is heart warming viewing. Above is also me in action with Shetland pony ‘Emily’, and 'Billy' the goat. Notice the subtlety of the technique and all the animal's responses in the short videos. Can you see what James and I are doing, and where the horses are releasing and responding? There are layers of trust building; trust is accumulative…

If you would like to book an appointment with me to show you how to deepen your relationship with your equine friend, or if have any questions about The Trust Technique, contact me using the button below.

Debs and Bella
Nikki and Jill
Here’s what happens in a 1:1 session with me:
1. I do The Trust Technique with your horse, whilst you are with us, and you get to observe how it is done and witness them responding to it.
2. I then teach you how to do The Trust Technique yourself with your horse.
3. I leave you with specific top tips so that you can further increase what we have started in this first session together.
From this one session:
1. You and your horse will have a deepened bond, connection, and enhanced communication.
2. You will have the skill yourself to develop this further.
3. You will be able to apply this to any animal to help them with any issue: emotional, mental, physical, behavioural.
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